Renowned blend Ballantine’s are working with hip-hop legend and Wu-Tang Clan frontman RZA to Bring Da Ruckus on a new limited edition Scotch whisky.

Ballantine’s collaborations may feel like they are ten-a-penny - recent projects include special releases for rock legends Queen and AC/DC, the Borderlands video game franchise and countless labels designed by artists - but the collaboration with RZA Ain’t Nuthing to F’ With.

The Ballantine’s 7 American Barrel x RZA Limited Edition is the first bespoke edition of this particular expression of Ballantine's. The bottle features artwork inspired by poetry written by RZA during his trip to the Speyside region and the home of the Ballantine’s blend.

As the name suggests, this whisky has been matured for seven years and finished in American oak casks (though we don’t know if the warehouse it was matured in constitutes one of the 36 Chambers or not). In short, this expressions offers “a true fusion of Scottish and US cultures”.

The whisky is said to offer tasting notes of vanilla, apples and sweet caramel - and possibly C.R.E.A.M.

Of the whisky, RZA said: “This is a true representation of my entire journey with Ballantine’s. On my first visit to Speyside I found the land and the people so inspiring, it compelled me to capture the experience in a poem. To see this come to life through the bottle design is a true coming together of our cultures.”

The team at Ballantine’s say that the whisky “the culmination of their multi-drop collaboration that celebrates going against the norm and staying true to who you are”. Previous elements of the relationship between RZA and Ballantine’s have included a record player, hot sauce and a collaboration with a Japanese streetwear brand.

The whisky is available now through the Ballantine’s website - Protect Ya Neck and purchase a bottle.