The revival of Rosebank Distillery has reached a major milestone as the distillery has recently completed its first distillation run and filled its first cask.

This is the first spirit to be produced under the Rosebank name in over 30 years and marks the return of whisky making to the Falkirk area.

The spirit crafted at the new distillery seeks to match the fruity and floral profile that made the original Rosebank such a beloved dram. Cask No.001 is a refill bourbon barrel, which will serve to accentuate this character.

Rosebank was mothballed in 1993 but retains many fans the world over. Reconstruction on the new distillery began late 2019 following Ian Macleod’s purchase of the name, site and remaining stock in 2017.

Ian Macleod are keen to honour the iconic Rosebank of old while also looking to the future and meeting the demands of the present-day whisky market. As such, the new distillery is a wonderful hybrid of old and new. The building itself retains the original brick canal-side wall and it’s landmark chimney, while the glass fronted still room gives Rosebank a sleek, modern appearance.

Inside the distillery, brand new equipment has been meticulously crafted to match that of the old distillery. New stills were built using the blueprints for the stills from the old distillery. In keeping with the production methods of the previous Rosebank, the spirit produced at the new distillery will be triple distilled.

Additionally, a new worm tub condenser has been installed - a lesser used piece of technology among modern distilleries, but it was considered to be of such importance to the original Rosebank’s character that it was essential for the new venture.

Whisky fans have long mourned the loss of the distillery once referred to as ‘The King of the Lowlands’, and the news of production commencing at Rosebank will be celebrated by many.

Malcolm Rennie, Rosebank Master Distiller, is naturally among those most excited about these developments. He has said that it is an “ absolute honour to oversee the moment, and play a part in returning this once whisky giant to its former glory”.

Those desperate to try a drop of the new Rosebank will obviously have a few years to wait before it’s ready to be released. However, the distillery is due to open to the public in 2024 and will feature a range of tours.

Some tours will include tasting of some of the remaining stock from the old distillery, which will surely be enough to keep us satiated until the new whisky arrives.